SCRY.INFO is invited to Officially join ACCESS

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SCRY.INFO, the world’s first blockchain-based quantitative data providing and exchanging platform, was recently invited to officially join the Association of Crypto-currency Enterprises and Startups in Singapore (ACCESS). Since its establishing in May, 2014, ACCESS has been committed to promote and protect the development and application of crypto-currency and blockchain technology, working to ensure that an increasing number of individuals and organizations come to know this technology and a fair platform is available for all people.

As the biggest Association of crypto-currency and blockchain technology in southeast Asia, ACCESS is producing a growing amount of benefits for the society. SCRY.INFO is grateful for the appreciation of ACCESS, and we are thankful for the opportunity and environment it provides to exchange with more other eminent individuals and leading organizations.

The vision of SCRY.INFO is to bring more real data into blockchain, achieving sharing, inspiration, win-win and consensus within the coverage of blockchain agreements using authentication in certification agreement based swarm intelligence . This shares many similarities with the ideas of ACCESS. SCRY.INFO fully recognizes the core ideas of ACCESS, that is consensus and sharing. We believe that the vitality of SCRY.INFO will become more and more plentiful, accompanying with the continuous development of ACCESS. In an era of data creditability, blockchain will determine the orientation of interest transferring. SCRY.INFO also believe that shaping an era of contracts where everything is quantifiable and tradable, will fundamentally solve the asymmetric information and increase credit accumulation and the mobility of finance, thereby bringing more industries and data into block chain agreements and boosting the development of the whole industry.

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