ACCESS Public Service Advisory on Suspicious Advertising

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It has recently come to ACCESS’ attention that various Singapore­ based advertisements pertaining to Bitcoin ­related ventures of a suspicious nature have begun surfacing in various media, including print and online social media.

ACCESS would like to take this opportunity to remind the general public that Bitcoin and its related technologies are still in their nascent stages. As such, volatility and uncertainty are to be expected of all ventures related to them. The general public is advised to exercise utmost care and due diligence when evaluating ventures, deals and offers that claim and guarantee positive returns.

ACCESS is glad to reassure the general public that its Code of Conduct prohibits its members from making such irresponsible claims. Concerned members of the general public are encouraged to contact ACCESS at enquiries@access­ for more information if they come across suspicious advertising of a similar nature.

Anson Zeall
Association of Crypto­Currency Enterprises and Start­ups, Singapore

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